Danskina launch three new rugs by Hella Jongerius

The new rugs Reap, Burrow and Merger each in their own way express Danskina’s commitment to design, material innovation and skilled craftsmanship and celebrate the beauty to be found in simplicity and in handmade imperfection.

A luxurious rug, Burrow is ideal for adding warmth and richness to any home. Hand knotted from soft, hand-spun, Tibetan wool, this classic high pile rug exhibits a plush texture with three different levels of pile, running seamlessly from flat and finely woven to plush and soft. Like waves crashing softly into a sandy beach, the different layers of pile add up to form a steadily rising surface with nuances of different shades of colour shimmering in the wool’s subtle irregularities.

Merger is a colour story. In this playful, warm design, two tone-on-tone colours are juxtaposed on a light or dark base, creating a lively and uplifting colour-block effect. The subtle differences in colour hues make Merger an easy-going product with a harmoneous, yet fresh character. This is a special and outspoken rug that is well suited to bold and sophisticated settings. Its distinctive twill, with the colours meeting at different directions and angles, creates a tactile slightly ribbed surface. Merger comes in 8 colours and is made from New Zealand wool on a cotton warp.

Made from thick felted woollen yarn on a fine polyester warp, Reap is woven like a fabric, on a fabric loom and not in a usual carpet setting, resulting in a highly tactile finish. In strong New Zealand wool, Reap is an ideal addition to both contract and residential spaces. But Reap is more than just a rug for spaces with high durability requirements. The design, with its many different constructions, aims at an elegant and at the same time natural character. Reap comes with canvas corners and an eye-catching colour-contrasting stitch on all sides of the rug and is cut and finished to order and to any standard or custom size, making each rug unique.

The three news rugs will be presented at imm cologne, Paris and Stockholm Furniture Fair this January and February.

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