DesignByThem select Kvadrat Tonica for Cabin Collection

Cabin is the latest release by DesignByThem founders Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis - otherwise known as GibsonKarlo. The new collection of armchairs, lounges, ottomans and booth style structures utilise a series of upholstered log modules, exploring geometric forms to create playful and personable pieces for the office or home. 

"The inspiration for the design came from the simple intersecting patterns found in log cabin construction. We wanted to reference this and apply the cylindrical geometries to create a playful range that was welcoming, flexible, distinctive and had a sense of character” states Nicholas Karlovasitis.

"It all began with a series of cylinders. We then deconstructed the cabin arrangement into a lounge and armchair, experimenting with various diameters until we found a size that was comfortable for both the back and armrests" added Sarah Gibson.

The duo selected Kvadrat Tonica’s vibrant hues for the upholstery as they wanted to create a tonal effect. Similarly to Tonica, the collection is fun, refined, welcoming and distinctive without being visually overpowering, busy or dominant. “We felt that the range of fabrics we inevitably chose and have as options best represented this,” Sarah and Nicholas explain. “They are high quality and bring warmth to the range. The wool texture of the Tonica fabric adds further quality and timelessness to the piece.”