Doshi Levien unveil first curtain textile collection for Kvadrat

Doshi Levien have created a collection of four distinct curtain textiles for Kvadrat. Lake and Utopia are densely woven with a subtle, diagonal pattern while Rocket and Fiction are two knitted curtains with a playful, contemporary look.

Initially inspired from hard and textured architectural surfaces like concrete, glass and weathered metal, the studio continued their study by creating a series of new surface textures and cast them in plaster.

The play of light and shadow on the relief of their output resulted in the graphic pattern of Utopia, while the iridescent and luminous quality of brushed aluminium and glass is interpreted in the fine diagonal twill of LakeUtopia features jacquard-woven diagonal lines in varying dimensions that are divided into larger squares. Creating a subtle contrast with the matte background, Lake’s twill pattern emerges as you get closer to the textile.

Both textiles are constructed with slightly shiny yarns in the warp and matte uni-coloured yarns in the weft. Lake and Utopia are also linked by their colour schemes. Their palettes comprise dusty natural tones, dark masculine hues as well as a few highlight nuances. Consequently, they complement each other well.

‘We researched Le Corbusier’s tapestries and paintings in the city of Chandigarh and were inspired by the brightly coloured buildings that faded in the sun over time, making the colours dusty’.

With their knitted construction and balanced colour scheme, Rocket and Fiction bring a novel approach to interior textiles. Made from Trevira CS, both textiles offer soft draping and functional qualities. Like all knitted fabrics, they are relatively crease-resistant. They also offer the ability to provide warmth in still air environments, while simultaneously enabling the movement of air.

Rocket is constructed with a warp knit. During this technique, the loops are interlocked vertically up the length of the fabric resulting in a firmer construction than conventionally knitted fabrics. Rocket has a strong futuristic expression and features a chainmail-like pattern of oval spaces.

‘The perforations of Rocket are inspired from high-tech fabrics used in sports and fashion with a science fiction feel of space age, lightness and speed’ explain the designers. Though the textile looks very light, it provides distinctive volume when draped. Rocket also contrasts well with solid textiles, especially Fiction, when used as a sheer.

Constructed using a double knit technique, Fiction has a light front and dark backside. To create the colourways, the knitted fabric is then piece-dyed. Thanks to the colours of the reverse shining through, Fiction offers a subtle three-dimensional melange effect and pronounced colour depth.

Intriguingly, despite its compact construction, Fiction becomes translucent depending on the light conditions. Consequently, its appearance may keep changing over the course of a day.

Available in a range of neutrals and sophisticated highlight hues, Rocket and Fiction have been designed for mixing and matching. Doshi Levien: ‘We wanted to create technical fabrics but with soft architectural colours. We imagine Rocket and Fiction to be used in layers with the colours of Fiction coming though the perforated knit of Rocket.’

Both curtains are well suited to private spaces and contract environments alike. 

View the complete collection here: Doshi Levien for Kvadrat Curtain Collection 2016