Forest Nap by Akira Minagawa

The Akira Minagawa collection for Kvadrat is characterised by refined patterns, detailed embroidery and sophisticated nuances. It brings together three upholstery textiles and a curtain.

As the collection reflects, Akira Minagawa often gets his inspiration by observing nature, life and society, and always starts his creative process by hand. He depicts scenes from nature through motifs that are reflected in textiles using a range of different techniques, such as embroidery, weaving and printing. In this embroidered and woven collection, every stitch of embroidery expresses the uniqueness of Minagawa’s pen strokes. This does more than just bring the visual storytelling of Akira Minagawa to life. Every textile in the collection offers a wealth of delicate details, elegant shapes and tactile surfaces.

In addition, all the designs in the collection reference a natural landscape and their motifs and colours subtly interact. Consequently, they complement each other well and provide a host of opportunities for mixing and matching.

While the designs in the collection are part of the same family, each is distinctively individual. Some are more graphic; others have a more organic expression. They also feature different techniques, which range from the simple to the complex.

All four designs are well-suited to contract environments and private spaces alike.

Woollen Forest Nap is a simple upholstery textile.  Constructed with a plain weave, it can be described as the base textile in the Akira Minagawa collection.

Forest Nap comes in an array of colours. These range from understated natural hues to bolder notes like bright red.  Forest Nap combines well with the patterned textiles in the collection, and is particularly suited to cover large surfaces.

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