INTERWOVEN: The Fabric of Things

Launched in September 2016 and supported by Kvadrat, Interwoven: the fabric of things, is a digital magazine packed full of independant commentaries from contemporary culture. 

Interwoven is an epicentre for those interested in seeing contemporary culture through an independant, in-depth and critical eye. Opinionated by design, Interwoven gives it's authors carte blanche to create content for the magazine - whether in the form of visuals, writing, film or sound. As experts in their field, contributors are invited to offer their unfiltered view or creation.

You'll find exclusive photoshoots and features like Design Anectodes, Colours, A daily flower report by Thomas Demand, and a re-edition of The Style Mixer - originally a limited artwork by Mario Milizia. Museum Backstage is a feature that looks behind the scenes at museums around the world. MoMU conservation department of contemporary fashion and the archive of sacral textiles at San Leucio, Caserta are the first ones in the spotlight.

"Interwoven is like a continuous and dynamic conversation. One argument triggers the next, one story leads to the next. We hope to go beyond simple reporting of events, and provide a space for inspiring story telling and incisive commentary across different fields. If something is not good, let's say it's wrong. If something is great, it deserves applause. Interwoven raises questions and celebrates. Interwoven is authentic. The site's light structure represents this flexibility."  Editor-in-chief Anniina Koivu explains.