Knit Australia! in Use

Kvadrat Maharam’s latest collaboration with Australian designers and manufacturers sees the leading textile brand launch Knit Australia! In Use. The initiative celebrates Australian design talent and showcases the innovative and unique properties of Kvadrat FEBRIK knitted textiles.

The collaboration continues in the footsteps of the global design exhibition Knit!, which Kvadrat created as a large-scale travelling exhibition in 2020. Knit! was born out of a desire to inspire the use of knitted textiles in new and surprising ways, and to create a stage for 28 designers, including Australian designers Adam Goodrum and Benja Harney, to showcase their talent to a global audience.

Knit Australia! In Use has been developed to further leverage the global reputation of Kvadrat in order to support and promote Australian design and manufacturing. It will showcase the expertise of Australian design, industry and creative talent; demonstrate the unique qualities of knitted textiles; illustrate their diverse applications; and encourage manufacturers and designers to embrace the aesthetic and technical potential they provide.

Knit Australia! In Use features the work of numerous Australian designers and manufacturers, with the pieces showcasing their creativity, skill and the unique properties of Kvadrat FEBRIK.

Coco Flip - Coco Flip’s Puku and Puku Rua ottomans have a fun and playful form and palette. They are upholstered in peach (Mosaic 2 532), dark burgandy (682) and purple-grey (642) to create a bold two-tone effect.

DesignByThem - DesignByThem’s Sundae two-seater lounge is designed by Jason Ju. Upholstered in deep dark blue (Gentle 2 873), the soft curves and billowing profiles are luxurious and inviting.

Stylecraft - Keith Melbourne’s Avion is a soft architectural system designed for creating functional spaces within a contemporary workplace. Stylecraft has upholstered the chair in a deep purple (Plecto 784) and the screen in soft grey (Apparel 123).

Helen Kontouris’ Bauhaus seating system has compact, gently curved forms that can be arranged in a variety of configurations. Two interlocking seats feature in Knit Australia! In Use, with the circular seat in peach (Husk 554) and the square seat in grey (Razzle Dazzle 236).

Zenith - Schamburg+Alvisse designed Zenith’s Jac Tub and Side Architectural chairs. They are a combination of elegance and comfort, and upholstered in grey (Razzle Dazzle 126) with a textured pattern that gives extra dimension.

The Hull chair and high back two-seater designed by Tom Fereday for Zenith have a wingback form with subtle curves. The two-seater is a solid block colour in soft blush (Gentle 2 553), and the single chair has a striking two-tone effect with orange (Razzle Dazzle 666) on the interior, and burnt orange (Planum 351) on the exterior.

Jardan - Joy has an exaggerated curvaceous form, and its shape is even more playful in nature when upholstered in vibrant orange (Gentle 2 553).

Daniel + Emma - Daniel + Emma’s Soft chair and loveseats have a steel frame and upholstered seat. They have been upholstered in a rainbow of colours (Sprinkles 254, 974, 654 and 424) with the knitted textile matching the steel frame.

Cult - Adam Goodrum designed the Fat Tulip chair, which is a modern take on the traditional club chair. Dark green (Mosaic 972) upholstery enhances its traditional vibe while still being inviting and contemporary.

Derlot Editions - Derlot Editions’ MOCHi collection is a series of lozenge-shaped modular seats. They are upholstered in a complementary palette of yellow, orange, green and blue (Sprinkles 454, 924, 714, 554, 424) to create a fun and appealing effect.

Kvadrat Maharam collaboration

Knit Australia! In Use is the latest initiative in Kvadrat Maharam’s collaborations with Australian designers and manufacturers. It follows the launch of Kvadrat Maharam leather in which local designers Daniel Emma, Tom Fereday, Adam Goodrum, Grazia & Co and Henry Wilson, created a series of vignettes upholstered in Maharam leather and styled by Emma Elizabeth.

Kvadrat Maharam collaborated with furniture designer Helen Kontouris to provide upholstery textiles for the new seating in the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Victoria. And in 2018, Kvadrat Maharam Australia was the proud supporting partner of LOCAL DESIGN and LOCAL MILAN No. 3, which featured the work of 26 Australian designers.