Kvadrat Maharam and Living Edge welcome Carole Baijings to Sydney

Kvadrat Maharam and Living Edge enjoyed the company of Carole Baijings in Sydney to launch the ColourForm Sofa which offers a fresh and inspiring take on colour and form.

Designed by Scholten & Baijings in collaboration with Herman Miller and Maharam, it is a comfortable and timeless design for home and office environments.“Herman Miller, Maharam and Scholten & Baijings are all leaders in the use of colour in design. Colour is a powerful communication device, and these designers and manufacturers create palettes and choose materials to evoke emotion or create an atmosphere. ColourForm is fresh, lighthearted and calming, and the universal design makes it ideal for work and home life,” said Jo Mawhinney, Director of Product and Brand Experience of Living Edge.

ColourForm Sofa Group expresses Amsterdam-based Scholten & Baijings’ mastery of colour, textile and form. Husband-and-wife Carole Baijings and Stefan Scholten take colour and textiles as the starting point of their design process, often designing their own. In this case worked with Maharam Design Group to develop two upholstery textiles for ColourForm, to create a draped look, as if blankets have been folded over the wooden frame. Pare is a soft, matte woven blend with quilting for a cushioned effect. Tracery has detailing in colour and pattern with small grids for texture and interest.

The textiles are available in numerous colourways that can be mixed and matched for a monochromatic or multi-coloured look, and the wooden frame is also available in various colour options. “You live with a sofa for a long time, so the colour needs to have longevity, to be sophisticated and a bit subtle. But we still think it’s nice to make a statement, so we have some stand-out colours in the range too,” said Stefan Scholten in an interview for Herman Miller.

The ColourForm seating collection has an upright and sculptural quality with glimpses of the exposed wooden frame. It includes two- and three-seater sofas with and without arms, a club chair, ottoman, bench, sectional, and a distinctive tête-à-tête. Each piece can stand alone or be combined with others to provide a place for work, play and relaxation in home and office environments.

Two backrest heights allow for different settings and purposes. High-back modules create moments of privacy and low-back modules encourage collaboration. They can be combined for varied seating arrangements or to guide people through a space.

“Simplicity is always the key thing with any of our products. We emphasise colour, so we always produce designs that are quite minimal, which allows the colours and details to come into focus,” said Carole Baijings.

The Herman Miller ColourForm Sofa is exclusivily available at Living Edge.