Lila and Raas by Doshi Levien

Crafted by design duo Doshi Levien, Lila and Raas are vibrant upholstery textiles with an exceptional colour story. 

Inspired by the commonalities of outwardly contrasting worlds – Royal Indian miniature paintings, glazed Chinese ceramics and Modernist paintings – the sensual colour concept for the textiles comprises natural, deep tone-on-tone colours and subtle combinations, which unite to create intriguing new hues. The names of the fabrics, which are derived from Hindu mythology, reflect this. Lila means ‘play’ or ‘dance’ while Raas refers to ‘aesthetics’ and ‘feelings’.

To realise their vision, Doshi Levien mixed more than 100 gouache colours by hand, then hand-painted them onto samples. These were used as reference in production to dye the yarn with great accuracy – resulting in sophisticated, elegant colours that cannot be found in any existing colour systems.

“Working on Lila and Raas has been a very deep and intense exploration in aesthetics of mixing colour. We wanted to create colour by mixing paints by hand, rather than choosing colour references from existing colour charts,” Nipa says and continues “There is play of aesthetics, between ancient and modern references, vivid and faded colours, memories and remains of colour on architecture; two colours layered on top of each other like textured glazes.”