Maharam introduces Dots, designed by Paul Smith

Maharam introduces Dots, the fourteenth woven textile, and first dot pattern, designed by Paul Smith in collaboration with the Maharam Design Studio.

Since 2002, Paul Smith and Maharam have worked together to transform traditional suiting concepts into upholstery. Based on Smith’s designs for a woven silk necktie featured in his Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection, Dots extends this practice of creating “classics with a twist” for interiors. 

Uniting two timeless patterns, Dots juxtaposes a miniature houndstooth check with a bold polka dot to create a distinct design that fuses both motifs. The understated, matte houndstooth is constructed using a dense end-and-end warp with alternating light-and-dark cotton and nylon threads in the weft. Twill dots, speckled for a playful and graphic effect, are woven with a lustrous, mercerized cotton yarn, highlighting each spot. 

Pulling from both customary menswear apparel colours and more modern references, Dots includes a palette of nine refined neutrals, brilliant pastels, and bright accents. The duotone background is checked with shades of cocoa, ruby, cerise, sage, jasper, chartreuse, cyan, ivy, and cobalt blue. 

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