My Canvas by Kvadrat during London Design Festival

Works from 19 designers from around the world made up Kvadrat’s exhibition My Canvas at this year’s London Design Festival at Somerset House. 

The third edition of Kvadrat’s design projects showcased contributions from 19 emerging and established designers from around the globe; from Japan to Poland, from the USA to France. 
A celebration of creativity, the aim of the exhibition is to inspire the industry, to push boundaries in materiality and techniques, and make one rethink the use of the textile. My Canvas pays homage to a Kvadrat staple: the vibrant and elegant upholstery textile Canvas, crafted by renowned Italian colourist, Giulio Ridolfo. 

Canvas stands out for its shimmering colour nuances, delicate contrasts and elegant structure. The new colour palette inspired by the painterly landscapes of Skagen, Denmark, comprises a variety of dark, light, cool and warm tones, reflecting the soft, Nordic pastel panoramas and dramatic, dark coastlines.

In an open brief, Kvadrat invited the designers to create their interpretations of Canvas informed by contemporary design. The exhibition is titled My Canvas, lending itself to the individual creative viewpoint revealed in each piece. Be it the beauty and intricacy of the yarn, the colour palette, the structural properties or architectural expression of the textile, the contributions invite the viewer on a journey of tactile discovery.

Anders Byriel, CEO Kvadrat: “Giulio Ridolfo has been the mastermind behind some of our most successful textiles during the past 13 years: Steelcut, Steelcut Trio, Remix, Hot, Recheck, Zulu and Canvas. His feeling and approach to colour is unique: in between colours and surprising colour combinations of yarns give every textile by his hand a three-dimensional and surprising depth. So, when we had to choose a textile for this third edition of design projects, we were sure it had to be one by Giulio Ridolfo’s hand.