Pause at Melbourne Design Week

Kvadrat Maharam Australia collaborated with HASSELL, Arup, MPA, Eness, Allsense and 3dinflate to bring the public an immersive sensory experience for Melbourne Design Week 2019.

Titled “Pause’ and conceived under the Melbourne Design Week theme of ‘Design Experiments’, the installation was developed as a sensory experiment, to allow the public to immerse themselves in a moment undisrupted by the temptation to capture anything on social media.

"We mediate the world and share our experiences through digital means. Whilst on one hand this connects us and makes our experiences richer – on the other, the constant need to validate our experiences by sharing them online impacts our ability to be entirely present in a moment. ‘Pause’ is a physical installation and sensory experiment that can only be experienced by one person at a time. By not being able to share it online, it encourages the participant to enjoy a moment to themselves."

Pause was presented at Melbourne Design Week 2019, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.