Raf Simons No Man’s Land

For the sixth chapter in the Kvadrat/ Raf Simons collaboration, the Antwerp-based designer presented four new textiles in an irreverent conceptual installation during Milan Design Week.

Raf Simons’s new textiles appeared in a fantastical realm, playfully exploring inside and outside spaces. The diamond grid pattern of Novus 1 and Novus 2 was re-imagined as garden fencing in distinctly non-suburban colours. The thick cording of Phlox echoed in the wooden slats of transport palettes on which it appeared as cushions in an ad hoc seating arrangement. Atom was shredded to create a speckled floor, recalling grassy lawns, flower gardens and even patches of dust.

Set within the entrance to the installation was a garden flowing like a carpet of colour. Created by Raf Simons’ long-time collaborator Mark Colle, the garden provided a space for visitors to socialise.

Within the exhibition, three prefab buildings designed by Jean Prouvé housed a seating area for visitors, a mid-century home and a workshop. In the workshop, textiles were presented as if they were works in progress, exhibiting the materials and process behind each design, and allowing visitors to get hands-on-acquainted with the fabrics. For the visitors seating area, Utrecht furniture designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld for Cassina upholstered in Vidar was specifically selected by Raf Simons for the space.

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