Schiavello choose Mode by Maharam as the house textile for Karo collection

The Karo collection from Schiavello is designed to allow workers to choose the configuration of their own workspace – and we’re delighted that Schiavello chose Mode by Maharam as the house textile for this elegant collection of ottomans.

Designed by long-time Schiavello collaborator Ivan Woods, the Karo collection is simple and honest in its purpose. Soft, lightweight and agile in design, the ottomans can be used for quiet solo work or effortlessly configured for collaborative team catch-ups. Available in a variety of sizes in round, square and rectangular configurations, the geometric nature of each ottoman allows it to blend with its surrounding elements to create a unified space.

Schiavello chose Mode as Karo’s house textile due to its high performance and vibrant colour selection. “Mode’s simplicity and uniformity is why it was our choice of fabric for Karo,” says Anton Schiavello, Design and Marketing Director for Schiavello International “It’s just beautiful. The fabulous colour range was also vital to our choice, and this was a significant contributing factor to our eventual selection of Mode.”

Offering the look and feel of wool, Mode is constructed of 80% post-consumer recycled polyester, which comprises fibers manufactured from waste that’s been used by the consumer, disposed of, and diverted from landfills.

Anton explains that this was another deciding factor for Schiavello. “A textile that uses post consumer recycled material is always something we take into consideration when specifying finishes,” he says. “Our own manufacturing processes and materials are pulled through vigorous standards and testing, and to let all this down by choosing a covering that is not in line would be against our goals as a business.”

Mode features a substantial hopsack weave in lush two-tone colours and, despite its wool-like texture, it is constructed to provide the perfect amount of stretch. The Mode collection also has an expansive palette of 43 colourways.

“The wide and relevant selection of colours suited the wider Schiavello ColourLab range, and the fact that Mode is tested to 100,000 double rubs also shows its relevance to our commercial market,” adds Anton. “Mode is a superior product amongst the textile industry.”